Monday, April 22, 2013

The fort at Sion

Right beside the Eastern Express Highway lies the remains of this small fort, hidden by a mass of foliage on a small hillock.

These steps to the fort looked lovely!

A small ring of such small forts as outposts were built by the British in the late 17th century, facing Portuguese territory. The islands of then Bombay came to the British by way of  dowry to Charles II. Most of them could accommodate 50 soldiers.

There isnt much to see but beyond the fort, the area has all been reclaimed in the past three centuries and more. It was mostly mangrove forests, increasingly at risk today from human heavy handedness. 


  1. I enjoyed the history lesson in this post. A dowry containing islands? That's quite a wedding gift!

    It's too bad about our ever-expanding human settlement (happening here in the US too). I'll bet the area was lovely as a mangrove forest.

  2. I enjoyed this little trek with you........who was that peeking out the window? Your son or daughter? I am always eager to see where you have been and what glorious photos you return home with.