Saturday, March 30, 2013

Manpada trail, SGNP

The Manpada trail into the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is near my place of residence, but since it is set way back from the main roads, it is not so well known.

As soon as one enters after paying the nominal entry fee,(humans prohibited after 6 p.m.) one comes across the huge poster showing the fauna inside the forest and a request to keep the forest clear and clean since it is the "lungs" of Mumbai city.And almost immediately thereafter, one comes across a very deep pond. One can take any of the numerous trails that seem to branch off but we chose to go up and around this water body

 From high up, one could see fresh water fish moving around in the water, and the water looked clean! Around the pond we went, a steep climb which eased out gradually as we ascended to the top of the hillock
Clumps of bamboo and a nice place to sit down and take a swig of water for the hot season is approaching fast
We followed the dried bed of a rain fed stream in the faint hope of coming across any wild inhabitant but no one seemed to be around, even the monkeys although there were lots of birds, more heard than seen :)

Various branches of the trail eventually connect to those which originate from Borivali, cutting right across the 104 sq km forest but it was too late to attempt that, apart from the fact that it is preferable to have trained forest guides around, for there have been incidents of panthers mauling people. 

Another day then, another time!


  1. Yay, so nice to see you posting an adventure, kiddo! This is a very beautiful locale, but a bit nervous-making, knowing there are panthers loose in the forest. It is the same on the West Coast. Last time I was there there were wolves and cougars about. Everything is hungry at the end of winter. Keeps one alert!

    Beautiful spot, and beautiful photos, my friend. Thank you.

  2. Hi Manikchand,

    It was so nice to read about and see the pictures from this stunning national park. It looks like quite a variety of wildlife inhabits this area—that's great. I think I would probably choose to be accompanied by one of the trained guides though!

  3. Hi, How far is the Manpada Gate from Borivali main gate by road please? I live in kandivali east and would like to check this trail. What are the timing and fees? Are cars allowed inside or there are trails only for walking? Any help you can provide will be appreciated. Cheers, Kiran srivastava.

    1. Hi Kiran

      Glad you want to visit. Come down the Ghodbunder Road and ask for the right turn at Manpada. Take the right turn to Tikuji Ni Wadi. Where this road ends, the park begins and you come to a barricade gate.

      Fees are probli 35/- now except cars and yes, there is a motorable road inside which goes to a forest bungalow you can book for the night as well. However, entry or roaming in the forest is prohibited after 6 pm

      I would therefore, suggest staying the night and going into the trails early morning after entry is allowed.