Thursday, September 2, 2010

Govinda ala re ..

I have often wondered how Krshna has managed to occupy large portions of the hearts and minds of the Indians, inextricably woven into the Indian psyche. He is the son every Indian mother dreams of, the friend every Indian child dreams of, the lover every Indian woman dreams of and the King - philosopher we seem to need such badly in these troubled times

Young people celebrating dahi - handi when they try to break a clay pot full of  curd/ butter that is suspended high above. Prizes go for the highest tiered pyramids. News channels have been covering these events now ..

Some European expatriates have joined in the fun (PS - they are Spanish castellers, learnt later)

Govinda or Gopala as he was called, Krshna was said to be extremely fond of butter when a child and even more fond of stealing it from his neighbors' pots so that's where these celebrations could have their origins.  


  1. What a wonderful slice of life! Looks like so much fun. The teetering pyramid of people is amazing. So high up! I love the butter story:) Such an interesting peek at your corner of the world. Thank you so much. I await the next glimpse with anticipation!

  2. thousands of years and millions of minds created, in fact, a collective creation (perhaps from little seeds).

  3. Excuse me mista boodhuram, dint quite get ya