Sunday, August 8, 2010

A place to live

This is the place we have inhabited for almost five years now, the place from where I have watched the fading light slowly give way to the silent night

At night, there's only the steady rush of rain

Rained quite a lot last night, with ankle-deep water in front of the building. Splashed through water. Got wet. :))


  1. Oh, how nice! I love the rockery, all the greenery and especially the bottom shot. Nothing better than viewing the sky through trees and branches. Thanks for a small glimpse into your world, which is fascinating to an armchair traveler:)I think my favorite time of day is when the quality of the light changes for those few moments of transition between late afternoon and evening. And then again just before the sun sets. Magical. Thanks for this post!

  2. I am watching a movie set in Delhi - enjoying seeing the streets and lights, the markets and most especially the incredible buildings and temples............such history! Much beauty!

  3. This is so beautiful.Where is this place?