Sunday, October 24, 2010

A visit to Bengal

The family went on vacation for a couple of weeks. To Bankura, deep into rural Bengal, although the town happens to be a district head :)

This is an earthen dam, unfortunately, the rains have been rather deficient in this area and there's almost no water behind the lock-gates

The two rivers on two sides of the town were also lean, listless

And these are Krishnakali at 10 and Sounak, a couple of months away from 16 and getting a lot of practice with his new camera

Sounak and his friends lost their way in the forest while climbing the Susunia hill 

Well, finally they could find their way out, which was anyway offtrack by a few kilometers and could climb up to the top and they sure had a capital time 
Mighty pleased to see his pictures in this blog, he he :)

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  1. Oh, it is so wonderful to see these photos of your beautiful children. Your daughter is beautiful, and your son very handsome. I envy you still having kids at home. Those are precious years. I think from her shy smile that Krishnakali (beautiful name!) is a daddy's girl:) And look at Sounak's face, so full of dreams, ready to step out into the big world. Glorious to be at the beginning of The Big Adventure. The dam looks very old. I hope some rain finally came to raise the river. Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your family life.