Monday, September 13, 2010

The Lake in Ballygunje

Been to Calcutta for 2 days and came across this Lake as I stayed next door :)

The last picture is that of a small island in the lake.


  1. INCREDIBLY beautiful! The island is very green, must be the rains you had a little while back. We are still pretty brown here but it is cooler, thankfully. I love taking photos with branches framing the scene. I do it often, so these appeal to me especially. Must have been lovely staying right there. So tranquil.

    I just finished posting my piece on my poet friend, beautiful photos. It says I posted this morning, but I just finished it at two-thirty. Have been at it all day - had some glitches with the photos. Blogger is unforgiving with photos I find! Hope you enjoy it. Her photos are AMAZING. You will want to visit there! To think I LIVED in such beauty for ten glorious years! Sigh.

  2. the first two pics are simply gorgeous... a very nice eye that not only captures the mood but also expresses it... and Calcutta is one of the most interesting cities i have ever visited..