Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Railroad Journey

2000 km ..:)  September chill in the air, and an uncommonly bright countryside ... 

This is a station at around dusk. Favorite time of the day.

These are the western ghats, an extensive range of hills on the western coast. Lovely forests, hills and waterfalls. Old forts on mountaintops. Plenty of rain. Velvet green. Fantastic treks.

The journey was long and tiring, but wasn't without its rewards!


  1. Oh, I enjoyed this journey through the GLORIOUSLY beautiful countryside so much I am going to go back and take it again:) I have been longing to travel by train for at least a year now, it has been decades. The countryside looks so lush and green and verdant. I love dusk too, when the colors soften and deepen and take on that honeyed hue. Wonderful rounded hills........they make me want to run right up the side of them. And hidden waterfalls, enchanting! Beautiful waterways and green spaces as far as the eye can see. Thank you so much for another glimpse into your world. This armchair traveler is well content this morning!

  2. Sherry you posted the comment before I could stop uploading!

    Am glad you liked the pix :)

    Thank you!

  3. shots captured mood of the season and evidence of train journey. nice.

  4. you know how often i have tried getting a picture of that bridge? have never been successful! good to see you managed...

    btw, which river was so full, in the first few pics?

  5. That was the river Brahmani Maya, just outside Rourkela. Two rivers meet thereabouts out of which one is the river Koel and at the confluence there is a place called Vedvyas, with a temple and an incredibly narrow cave where the sage Vedvyas might have lived, once upon a time in the hoary past