Monday, May 13, 2013

A child's night sky!

This picture is actually drawn in the computer by Krishnakali, when she was 10, about three years back. 

She has never been to the beach below Dabolim hill, where the airport is situated in Goa, but this looks remarkably like it!  And this brings on memories of the grilled mackerel and rice with fish curry, served piping hot in the beach shack by Aunt Jonesca ..

Why is the moon coloured yellow? Or is it an elderly sun?

Is the stardust raining down?

Like most major questions in life, they have no answers!  


  1. This is a wonderful drawing. I love Krishnakali's rendering of the sea and the sky. Is she your daughter? She's very talented!

    I also love your memories of the food served at the beach shack. Seafood eaten on the beach is always wonderful, no matter which sea or which country!

    1. Thank you Carol and Rita, and yes, she is my daughter and a very impish one!

  2. I love your daughter's drawing. AND her beautiful name!!