Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Olden Tales of Lucknow

Surajbhan, Gyan Prakash and Surinder Singh, retired officers of the Indian Army.

Met these worthy gentlemen quite by chance, following a pair of frisky squirrels in the gardens of the Residency at Lucknow and as it turned out, they had been following my movements too!

Arthritic limbs notwithstanding, they keep up to the routine of a walk around the gardens every day and a chat and a mutual outpouring of their woes, chiefly the regular spats with their good for nothing offspring and their wives. But what a lot of stories they had to tell! 

 All were emphatic in their respective versions of the resident spirits in the gardens, each with their own drama and pathos, including the sounds of beating horsehooves at night ...

The Residency was seized upon by the sepoys in 1857 and there followed a murderous response. All existing buildings have been carefully maintained as it was after the assault, with cannonball holes gaping. As I understand, the British govt still gives a grant for the maintenance of the graves and grounds and there's such a vibrantly strong aura about it even after 150 odd years! 

The Doctor's residence

Used to be the ballroom

Stables, Residency
Finally, the little squirrel that came up almost to my feet, sniffing for goodies

And as for the Nawabi tales of Lucknow, lets wait for a more opportune time another day ..

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  1. Oh you live STEEPED in history! Wonderful photos, and look how close the wee squirrel came to you. I love it that the elderly gents meet each day to share their woes. I can only imagine the history they have lived through, and all they have seen and endured.