Sunday, February 14, 2016


Roses look best where they bloom, and are allowed to do so. This one has really surprised me for it has become quite big, more than six inches in diameter. The weight of the flower has made the branch droop and I had to hold it upright in one hand with the camera in the other. This bush has not grown any other buds and may not, I think, until this particular rose completes its short but sweet and memorable life cycle. What a wonderful flower!

Spring is in the air
the earth and the sky

Perhaps too soon;
for my bones

Brittle bones,
wrapped in layers

Wishing for the sea
the rolling sands

Still dreaming


  1. Beautiful, both the flower and the poem!
    Temperatures are warming here so perhaps we'll soon have flowers in bloom, but no roses as pretty as this one.

  2. All flowers are pretty, Rita but I agree this one was quite remarkable.

    Thank you!