Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Purple Sunbird in late October eclipse plumage

You can see the purple sunbird in the header picture, which was taken in April. Another picture in the post Spring, summer and the parched earth.

At that time, I was confounded by the absolute friskiness of this beautiful bird, and its colouring made it very difficult to detect. The moment I tried to raise my camera, it would fly away.

And now, it seems that the bird has changed its plumage, and I have also found spots from where it is comparatively easier to photograph this marvellous creature. So here goes -

Delicate beauty on wings

Strips of blue teal remain, in a bed of yellow! Down the throat, and something makes me think that the bird is actually quite proud of its variegated coat. This is actually the eclipse plumage of the male

Purple Sunbird, Faridabad October 2014

Notice the slightly curved bill, for dipping into honey!


  1. Beautiful bird, interesting coloration!

  2. Thank you Rita, watching these birds frisking around sure makes my day!