Thursday, October 30, 2014

Autumn in Delhi

One can hear the footsteps of the approaching harsh winter of Delhi now. The air is dry, and there are the usual remonstrations with deteriorating air quality and the pleas of going easy with firecrackers in Deepawali, the festival of lights, have apparently fallen on deaf ears. Firecrackers actually terrorise the dogs and cats and I am sure the avians have an equal distaste for the sudden bursts of sound that tear the night apart. Cases of COPD and respiratory problems seem to be peaking once again and the older generation is finding the going tough as usual, with rusted hinges and slowing metabolism that don't quite keep up.

It is interesting to see the little, subtle changes in the foliage and in the plumage of the birds who are resident in the area. In general, the bright colors have muted.However, this particular bird seems to be all dressed up in the colors of the fall -

Rufous treepie in Faridabad

Definitely a male, proud in coat and tails! I have seen this bird often enough but could not get a clear view until now. The tail is quite distinctive as you can see in the picture. My avid birdwatcher friend has immediately recognized this to be the Rufous treepie, and apart from its distinctive appearance, it has got an equally distinctive call. Quite loud if I might add, especially in the early morning hours.

I got some more pictures of this picturesque bird, in and around our place, so here goes -

Rufous Treepie in Faridabad, December 2014
Looks like this bird has an even more decorated tail, rather like those one would expect on the head dress of a Red Indian brave!

Somehow, the time of the year is inextricably linked with memories of events, things and people, especially people. Memories turning golden brown ..

Adagio in G  Minor, by Albinoni. Remembering such amazing and graceful people tonight. 


  1. Such a beautiful bird friend. And beautiful video. One of my favorite pieces of music. Thanks, my friend.

  2. I love the fall colors of the Rufous Treepie—an amazingly beautiful bird.

    The lovely video provides a soothing contrast to your description of the firecrackers. Humans are capable of such wonderful melodies, and also of such annoying noise!

    Thanks for reminding your readers of the beauty of nature and music.

  3. Beautiful, soulful music for autumn ..

  4. Thank you very much, Sherry, Rita