Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A photography exhibition

One of my colleagues is a member of the Photographic Society of India and has won critical acclaim with many of his entries, over the years. The PSI was exhibiting in the Jehangir Art Gallery and he took us for a visit, one day. Amazing to meet grand old men who have undertaken hazardous journeys just in search for the perfect picture, the perfect setting and the perfect light! Amazing photographs!

My favourite section was b&w. There is a huge wellspring of emotion associated with b&w photography and there are few of the masters left. 

My personal favourite, a picture that appears evocative and simple but has actually been crafted carefully ..

After this treat, we checked some other exhibitions and then ambled along to a locally famous restaurant for some delicious kebabs. Four kinds of kebabs in a platter!



  1. Oh I love your favorite photo so much! What a story it tells! Thanks so much for sharing this outing. Have you come across Ansel Addams' work in black and white? The kebabs look amazing.

  2. Olde Worlde Mumbai. Is it old anymore? A world unto itself, though. But Jehangir Art Gallery? And B & W in beautiful frames? And kebabs? I can almost hear snatches of a 80s Bollywood number, the bells of cycles, laughter escaping the bustle, men and women leaving work at 5pm to take buses and trains, the Parsi woman haggling with a street-side vendor, a gora saab or two, the rustling of newspapers. And. And my restless soul.

  3. Why, Sujatha, you write such wonderful pictures!