Sunday, February 5, 2012

On the Mahuli trail again!

Bundled into a minibus this time, with chaps from my office. The Mahuli peak is not very far from Mumbai, and is a one day trek from the village at the base. Its 2815 ft and pretty steep in the final stretches though. 

In the rains, a gushing stream, quite dry in January! 

A peak of the chimneys where the rock climbing chaps come to sharpen their skills ..

Very soon, the ascent became steep and we had to take breaks ..

This was definitely the place to lie down and contemplate the silence. Signs of cooking abounded, leftover marks of earlier treks!

Started on the ascent once again, keeping the chimneys to the left.

On all fours, mostly :)and a view from below the top. The Mahuli fort hails from ancient times,and was a significant military outpost from the 15th to the 17th centuries.  

We saw lots of wild banana and this small wild flower along the way 

Tremendously exhausted, we dropped down at base for lunch at 4:30 p.m 

Lunch consisted of mutton curry, rice and salad whew! 
And stiff legs for two days! 


  1. What a glorious climb, indeed! How were those chimneys fashioned? Naturally? By humans? If so, how did they manage it in ancient times? They are AMAZING, and I can see must have made a wonderful fort. Their foes would have hard work climbing up the steep grade, for one thing! Too pooped at the top to do much damage:) Lunch sounds delicious! I love curry. We make it often. We have an excellent recipe!!!!!

  2. The chimneys remind me of some of the rock formations we have here in southeastern Utah.
    Thanks for the interesting post!

  3. we have so much to explore in this country.
    your trek pictures are not sufficient enough.
    how far mahuli from Bombay, love to go there.
    see, we have such a variety of mountains in our country, as i have seen the peaks in Leh, Kumaon and Garhwal region, and yes in Maharashtra also. All are very much different from each other. and these scluptors made by wind and water are just excellent.
    hey kitna ghumte ho, kaam kab karte ho, babu moshaye....