Monday, June 27, 2011

A North Eastern view

There is a huge "beel, " a natural water body outside Agartala airport, the reason why it is called Singh er beel. Visibility was poor because of the monsoon clouds that flitted in and out of the view
The air corridor crosses Meghalaya State, the abode of the clouds, before touchdown at Guwahati, capital city of the State of Assam, the largest among the seven sister States in the North Eastern parts of India.
Mountains that seemed to reach out to the sky ...
On the banks of the Brahmaputra, one of the largest Indian rivers that flows through Guwahati 

It was difficult to get pictures, with sudden gusts of rain and fast changing light, but the riverbank was glorious!
A quick tour of the town and cricket, of course! Cricket flourishes throughout the sub continent
And the War Memorial ( 1939 - 1945)
Went for lunch to a place that serves only Assamese cuisine, for travel is not complete without local food and flavour. And talking of flavour, found typical Assamese architecture to be quite charming!
There was no time to explore further, to the Vashistha Ashram (hermitage) or the Famous Kamakhya temple of the Mother Goddess, which was closed for five days during our visit. Back to Mumbai, and there was a glorious sunset in the skies at 38000 feet, above the rain bearing clouds ..
7:45 p.m. Time to go to sleep :)


  1. Oh what a glrious trip you took me on! Flying! Looking down on such beauty. The river shots are wonderful - glorious scenery indeed. And the sunset above the clouds shot is breathtaking. I felt I was soaring up there with you looking down on those green green hills. Thank you for my mini-vacation. I needed one tonight:)

  2. Hi, good pictures. You are lucky to take arial view. This time, while returning from Mumbai I missed taking these pix as I packed my cam in my suitcase. Saw the ship at Juhu beach from above and also the Qutab Minar. Regretted for making that mistake.

  3. The aerial views are from my inexpensive mobile camera. Ground shots from my Fuji film digicam. Wherever I go, I touch the earth, and the sky. Mother goddesses, they let me live, and let me die