Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Somewhere on the Sahyadri hills 

Motley bunch loaded up in a van and started at 5 a.m. It was cloudy in the hills and when we stopped for breakfast, saw a lizard in the brush, and a shrike

End of Part I 


A magical world, serene and existing by itself. Rich, glorious, content..
 Temples cant be far. This one, dedicated to the Lord Shiva, dating from 1000 A.D, the sacred pond in the near vicinity 
This place had a few shacks nearby, serving steaming hot rice and vegetable curries in thirty minutes flat and with fire in our bellies, everything vanished in no time, including raw gooseberries and green guavas! And then, the final leg of the trip ..


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  1. What gloriously beautiful images! Sigh. Very lovely. The lake and hills are so like those here. So much beauty everywhere. I eagerly await Part 2:)