Friday, November 19, 2010


The Ramtek hill is a short distance from Nagpur and a wonderful drive through the countryside.

Believed to be associated with the Prince Rama of Ayodhya who tarried a while here on the hill Ramgiri during his exile, the clutch of  temples date from the time of the Gupta dynasty or precisely the regency of dowager queen Prabhavati Gupta ( 390 to 410 AD) , the daughter of the mighty Chandragupta II based on a copperplate inscription. It is also said that the poet Kalidas wrote his opus Meghdoot ( The Cloud Messenger ) on these hills, surrounded by a dense forest, looking up at the first monsoon clouds sailing across the sky.

The Lakshman temple at the far end of the stronghold dates from 1400 AD. All these temples were extensively renovated by the Bhosle chieftains from the 18th century.

Its been a while. Even then, cant stop wondering how was it like on the hill during the time the dowager queen, the daughter of Emperor Chandragupta II Vikramaditya, arrived on horseback and sat on a platform and perhaps, just perhaps, sighed in peace.

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  1. Wow! What an amazing journey this was! Back into the past. The beauty of the temples is breathtaking. I especially love your photo of the temple as seen through the archway of the structure in the foreground. Very lovely. I also love the close up of the side of the building, showing its intricate pillars and arches. Your words evoke stories of the past. I especially love the thought of the Emperor arriving on horseback, finding a spot to sit, surveying the landscape before him and maybe sighing in peace. Just lovely. A small legendary journey into time's romantic past, when heroes arrived on horseback, and temples were built to beautify and honor. Glorious richly textured post and I enjoyed every word and image:)