Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wandering soul

He was sitting at the base of a statue, right at the junction of two broad thoroughfares. Looked very suspiciously at me alright, but I managed a hurried shot. He was preparing to lay down for the night, it seemed to me, all his belongings neatly about him. There was definitely a story there ..


  1. Definitely a story! And a fantastic photo of a fellow being. It reminds me of the time I was in the city in winter and to my shock and dismay saw an elderly woman who must have been in her eighties, sitting on the freezing concrete, ringing a little bell, saying, without stopping: "anysparechangeanysparechangeanysparechange?" I gave her a twenty dollar bill, and she couldnt believe it. She tried to give me her watch in return, which I gently declined. I went away so troubled. Why was she on the pavement, not warm inside somewhere? Where were her people? Some souls have difficult journeys.

    I love this photo and wish I could bring the man a dish of food that might make him smile. I love the title Wandering Soul..........great photo!

  2. Unfortunately, sherry blue, India doesnt lack in destitutes, paupers, tricksters, the lot. This man seemed utterly composed in himself in contrast, and children would have been afraid of him.

  3. He does look rather forbidding. I know that poverty in your country is beyond my comprehension, though I try to learn what I can.

    A photograph sure can tell a story - this one says a lot! Good job!

  4. Such dignity this old gentleman has, in spite of his lack of material possessions. He owns his own soul, and clearly that is the most important thing to him.

    Wonderful shot...