Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A painted cupboard

A painted cupboard, showing the old tailor and his wife stitching costume dresses for Bollywood movies. 
At the Kalaghoda fest, Mumbai 


  1. What GLORIOUS photos you post!!!! I LOVE the top one in your main frame. Wonderful to sit at my desk and experience other parts of the world that I would never otherwise see. I also enjoy the paintings on the cupboard. Beautiful. And the masks! One for everyone, indeed. Thank you for making the world more accessible to me :)

  2. That's a village, Sherry blue, deep into the interiors of the State of Maharashtra from where one can trek up the mountains ..

    And masks are essential to some of the indigenous dance forms in India; interesting, isn't it?

  3. Ooooh, I love that village. I almost recognize it. I just found this reply to my comment now:)

    Our First Nations here dance with masks. Aboriginal cultures from around the world share many of the best things about life, I find.

    Have you ever seen Julian Lennon's production of Whaledreamers? Awesome soundtrack, and it documents the coming together of shamans from all over the world to stand in a sacred spot in Australia and sing the whales in as in days of old. I LOVED this film so much!