Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nesting birds

It's time to move once again, this time to eastern India. Couldn't help but notice the nesting birds in and around our place in Faridabad, quite like the time was to move from Gurgaon. 

It was a certain heaviness in the otherwise sleek yellow footed green pigeon that caught my attention at first 

Finally, I could locate its nest on the top branches of an oleander bush, well covered by the flowering creeper Madhumalati. Can you see the bird peeking out?

This was probably not a very good location, and I saw it after a few days inside the deodar tree. 

Looked in retrospect, a little perturbed by the attention it was getting from me, now appearing to question my motives, now appearing to fluff up its chest in a show of valor  

Yellow footed green pigeon, Faridabad
Meanwhile, the neem tree (margosa) was in flower like never before, and the ground below was a carpet of  white with fallen flowers 

And so was the krishnachura tree or gulmohar 

The deodar tree harbored another nest, that of the oriental white eye. 

Oriental white eye, Faridabad
The woven nest was quite small, smaller than a teacup! 

Left the bird to its own devices, for we must keep our distance from them during nesting activities.

And so, while these birds carry on with their nesting, it's time to move my nest once again.

In the mood for smooth jazz today, so here is Lily: Lily was here by Candy Dulfer and Dave Stewart


  1. Such beautiful birds and flowering trees and bushes! Absolutely gorgeous photos. I love how the first bird posed for his photo opp. Smiles. I hope your movegoes well, and look forward to photos of your new location. I hope your family loves it there.

    1. Thank you Sherry and I think they would really love it there at Ranchi :)

  2. Once again your bird photography, and the birds themselves, are exquisite.
    I wish you the best of luck with your move and, as Sherry said, I'll be looking forward to more photos and stories from your new location.

    1. Thank you, Rita. The rains are here with a vengeance, it would seem, but one loves it all!