Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Hauz Khas

The Hauz Khas was actually a tank built in the 13th century by the then reigning Sultan, with palace buildings on its banks. When I visited Hauz Khas more than 25 years back, the tank was almost dry and the ancient structures in ruins. Since then, there has been a frenzy of development in this area in tandem with the Archaeological Survey carrying out restoration work. One designer set up shop, followed by swanky eateries, more of the swish set followed and now the narrow lanes of the village (there are still some village areas within Delhi) are choc a block with boutiques, jewelry showrooms, handicraft outlets, cafes, pizzerias and bars ...

Absolutely a dream destination for fast food freaks (including me!)

Through the narrow bye lanes, we came upon the lakeside and the ancient palaces. Those guys behind the glass windows, enjoying their brew have a fantastic view!

Spotted the Spotbill family, cooling off, and a colony of swans in the island 

Climbed those stairs and came up to the front side of the complex. And this is what the ASI tells you

We have completed one full circle, except for sampling the fare on offer at the exotic cafes and feeding the deer at the neighboring deer park. Wish you were there!


  1. Glorious, glorious photos! Thanks so much. I enjoyed the day trip! Smiles. Especially the ducks.

  2. What an interesting mix of the old and the new! It sounds and looks like you had a full and interesting day. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Did you try the New York pizza?

    1. Regrettably no, Rita. Thank you very much for visiting!