Sunday, January 15, 2017


She was devastated by the death of her pet parrot, the one with broken wings and no tail at all, that she and her mother had rescued from the patch of green while scores of the parrot family screeched  angrily overhead about three years ago. Back from school, when she had to be told, I had to hold her tightly to stop the shivering and the unbounded flow of tears and to feed her in easy morsels ...

And then, she went on the roof, sitting on the parapet wall. Keeping watch from a safe distance, I could almost see the flight path of her thoughts, remembering those moments with the parrot on her shoulders and pecking at the phone screen, the mirror and then, going to sleep with the parrot at a nibbling distance from her head

Finally, she seemed to be reconciled with her loss. Dreamy eyed. 

My daughter, Krishnakali. Tinni


  1. Oh, my friend, you have such a beautiful daughter. I can see her grief over the loss of her parrot (isnt it amazing how smart parrots are, how much personality they have?) In the closing photo, I think she saw her father lurking, and smiled, knowing she is loved.

    1. Actually, she didn't, lost in her own thoughts. The moment she noticed me with the camera, she left in a huff :)

      Thank you, Sherry, I hope you are all doing well

  2. Losing a beloved pet is so difficult.
    Thanks for this moving portrait of your daughter. You're such a good photographer, and you perfectly captured her moods. Beautiful.