Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pestilential Parrots

One morning, I finally got them parrots who were ravaging the sunflowers. My daughter would not allow me to shoo them away and that is perhaps the reason they allowed me to approach around the corner of the house, being reasonably assured that these humans ain't no trouble. Very smart. 

Their coloration blends in so well with the plants that it's impossible to detect them from a distance. And you can see them bending at various angles to reach the flowers, strip them clean, breaking a branch or two in the process ..

Here you can see both of them, enjoying the munchies. The petals first and  then the seeds. 

The flower has been torn off. Holding it in one hand (or foot) and busy munching.

Finally, moving out to the pomegranate tree. Maybe dessert :) Complete license, of course!


  1. ADORABLE photos! Sunflowers and parrots together, what a feast! I'm with your daughter. They are too wonderful to shoo away!!!!!

    1. As usual, it happened only because them parrots allowed me to take pics!
      Thank you Sherry

  2. Awesome photos, Soumyendu! The camouflage of those parrots is truly amazing—allowing them to go about their feasting while undetected. Isn't nature wonderful?

    1. Not just wonderful, Rita, but totally awesome as you continue to illustrate in your posts!

      Thank you