Sunday, April 10, 2016

A day in April

There cannot be nothing much to say beneath a sky like that, especially in April! 

Was happy to discover that one of the three jacaranda trees that I had planted two years ago has started to flower. Soon, the street in front would be covered in violet blossoms when the first rain clouds begin to drift in   

One of the resident sunbirds has had the April fever real bad it seemed, for it went on a chirping broadcast merrily on top of the deodar tree
And it was really curious at this human who seemed nothing but a minor annoyance!

The night had that kind of a moon up again. Thin sliver of a moon that always reminds one of the curve of your smile ...


  1. Your photos are so lovely....

    I especially love that smiling moon!

  2. The blooms of the jacaranda tree are very pretty. How nice to see that your planting of the trees has paid off!
    I also loved the April sky and the smiling moon. A good in-the-mood-for-spring post!

  3. Thank you Rita. Looking forward to your posts!