Friday, March 25, 2016

Hornbill ahoy!

I was quite surprised to see these big birds atop the neem tree behind our office. From a distance I couldn't make out what they were, and despite the ungainly manner, they seemed very swift once airborne. It was only through the camera that could I discover that these   were actually grey hornbills.

Indian Grey Hornbill in Faridabad
Once I saw them a pair, next day there were six of them. Since they nest in big trees, it looked like they were trying to find out some suitable place. I found a short video about a nesting pair in the President's Estate which you can see here 

Meanwhile, the season is getting hotter by the day, and a dip into the water really looks great!


  1. Fantastic photos of the hornbills. Will be great if they nest right by your window....babies!

    1. Thank you Sherry

      Wish I could get better pics!

  2. How wonderful to see these rare birds from your office! From what I've read about hornbills they are amazing birds, but threatened. Like Sherry, I hope these birds will choose the neem tree for their nesting spots!
    What is the name of the small bird taking a dip in the water?

    1. That small bird is a brahminy mynah, so called because of the tuft of black feathers on the top of its head!

      Thanks Rita