Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Green Bee eater again!

Been an exceptionally sunny and bright day, such that the moment you step out of your house for work, you feel the wings in your shoes for the sky is the bluest of blue and fluffy cotton ball clouds float languidly around. 

And then, I caught sight of the bee eater for the first time properly this season, having heard its trill trill for quite sometime now. It did look at me for a brief moment, as you can see in the third picture, and am kinda grateful to it for letting me take these pics

Green Bee Eater at Faridabad, August 2015

Amazing, how beautiful these birds are, even though the thought that probably consumes them entirely is all about big, fat insects and I wonder why their eyes should be red, like the eyes of raptor birds. Once again, probably an adaptation to scare the insects into frozen submission. Notice the extended tail feathers from mid section. Must give them lift for those scoops and dives!


  1. Such a beautiful little guy, and so cute when he tilted his head towards you. A nod, a bow: hello, fellow being! I had not heard of the Green Bee Eater......as an aside, my Jasmine constantly snaps at and tries to swallow bees. I tell her Dont Eat the Bees, but she will not listen. Yikes.

  2. Maybe she is trying to tell you something there ...


  3. I love the photo of the Bee Eater with its head tilted toward you. This is a beautiful bird—you're lucky to have Bee Eaters where you live. The bright blue sky is nice, too!

    1. Absolutely beautiful birds, couldn't agree more!