Saturday, August 29, 2015

August Moon

The moon has always held mankind in its thrall with a magical quality and otherworldly charm, and I remember my mother telling us tales of the old hag up there, spinning on her wheel, looking up to a full moon. Sitting on a charpoy under the night sky, with nothing between us and the brilliant tapestry of the stars above.

Some say the moon rules over emotions. And the August Moon has also been named the Corn Moon, a time to lay to rest old hurts and emotional pain that might be weighing one down. A time to move on as one must, willy nilly. So therefore, a time for acceptance in the cool glow of the August Moon!

August Moon, Faridabad 29th August
So that's the moon as it was in early rising tonight. The faint reddish tinge of the early moon has been compared with freshly baked bread by a Bengali poet, writing in times of hunger and widespread famine. 

"Kshudhar rajye prithibi gadyamoy, purnima chand jano jholsano ruti!"  "The world is prosaic in the times of hunger, the full moon as if a freshly baked  pancake"  -  that would be the rough translation.

That would also be an extreme, of sorts. For the reddish moon, just over the horizon has forever been symbolic of magic beyond our mundane lives.

Early Moon, oil on board by Granville Redmond (1871 - 1935)


  1. Beautiful photos and reflections.Love the idea of you as a child, looking up at the stars, with your mom telling you about the old hag spinning her wheel.I especially love the moon being compared to baked bread. I just read about the Blood Moon coming in September.

  2. Somehow, the word blood moon sounds scary ..

  3. I never thought of the moon as a pancake. Interesting!

    The painting of the early moon by Granville Redmond is amazing—mysterious and haunting. Looks like it could be the blood moon that is coming in September!