Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Queen's tank at Ambala

What caught my attention was the legend Rani Talao, or the queens' tank on a direction board and on the spur of a moment, I decided to see the place. Was pleasantly surprised to find such peaceful and serene surroundings and all credit goes to the cantonment management. The tank's claim to fame is that the queen of Ranjit Singh, the local rajah used to take a dip in the tank every morning before offering homage to the Shiva temple around 400 years ago. Presently, the Army has taken over the maintenance of the temple and therefore the area is exceptionally clean and green. These are a few pictures of the place, taken in my phone

Shiva temple
Durga temple viewed from the Shiva temple
The sky was overcast and several peacocks strutted around. I could also spot a greater coucal in the bushes, which is of the cuckoo family, black body with chestnut brown wings. 

Every Indian city, town and village has numerous Shiva temples and Shiva is also considered to be the adi yogi, or the precursor of all Yogis. Over a period of time, certain individuals, circumstances or events lend significance to some. While all temples draw people in need of a favour or two from the powers above, Shiva temples in particular have always drawn wandering mendicants, hermits and those who are spiritually inclined. Here, I met a gentleman in white, flowing robes from the State of Andhra Pradesh and of an exceptionally sunny countenance who was patiently answering queries of a few elderly people and a young regimental from Maharashtra. I would have loved to chat with him for sometime, but by the time I took a round and came back, he was gone. 


  1. I love making these small sojourns with you, my friend. You show me places I would never come across elsewhere, so I get to visit it, not like a tourist, with one of its inhabitants. Cool. Love the magical birds you saw in the bushes, and I can almost see the yogi's face, serene and smiling, in his flowing robes of white. Sigh.

  2. I like the idea of a morning dip in the pool; very refreshing..
    And, I agree with Sherry about your vivid descriptive writing - makes me feel as though I'm there.

    1. Thank you Rita, for your words of encouragement