Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Purple Sunbird again

A couple of Sundays back, early afternoon, I managed to click this beautiful bird. Not to my heart's content though! For it was forever flitting away, now here and now there. For a few moments, it took some time cleaning its feathers, perched on the electricity line, and allowed me to click away ..

Looking for the next flower
Slurp slurp
Itchy bitchy
Now that's a beauty!
Keen appraisal
Because, these birds I have come to believe, can be captured in camera only when they have appraised us enough and allow themselves the indignity of letting a human being click them!


  1. Oh such a beautiful little fellow!!!!!! Well "captured"!

  2. I'm glad that this Purple Sunbird took you into his confidence!
    Great photos!

    1. Passed muster, didn't I?

      Thank you, Rita