Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pinjore Gardens

Twenty two kms from Chandigarh on the Shimla highway lies the Pinjore gardens. Originally laid in seven descending levels by the local Mughal governor during the times of the Emperor Aurangzeb in the early 17th century and later, refurbished by the Patiala royals of Punjab, these gardens are now under the Haryana (State)Tourism. The Pandav brothers of Mahabharat fame are also known to have rested here for there was a natural spring, during their twelve year exile after they lost their kingdom over a game of dice

There is a central water channel with fountains, surrounded by groves in neat quadrants. 

Some ancient cypresses also, home to hundreds of huge fruit bats. Notice the gradually descending levels 

The Jal Mahal is a chamber surrounded with water. The entire place is lighted up in the evening and I suppose the white external paint has been applied to contrast well with the lighting effects at night 

In my opinion however, the coat of white paint has been somewhat out of character with the place, considering the 400 year old history. On top of that, airconditioned rooms, a banquet hall for hire and bars and restaurants have made it a picnic destination rather than a heritage destination though the need for generating revenues cannot just be wished away. Kids would love it though! 

There is an interesting resource about the Pinjore gardens in the 1913 book by C M Villiers Stuart, titled the Gardens of the Great Mughals, which can be accessed here. 

Wandering through the groves, I came across a felled pipal or ficus tree, which perhaps, showed more character 

And this 19th century steam locomotive, clearly one of the earliest ones, displayed outside, rubbing shoulders with a water park, joyrides and beverages counters 

Also heard a pair of koels in full flow and was quite surprised to find the female and the male on trees opposite each other. Looked like the missus had a lot of complaints which she was intent on sharing with anyone who might care to lend an ear, while the gentleman was appropriately sheepish   


  1. Wow, such exotic huge birds! We have a steam train here in town too, but the one you have posted is surely one of the very earliest. It is a shame that the need for income inevitably changes the nature of the place, but still very wonderful to see and admire the old heritage buildings. I always enjoy seeing what you find through your lens.

    1. Always a pleasure, Sherry and thank you once again

  2. Nice post with beautiful pictures of the Pinjore Garden , which is an example of the Mughal style Gardens.The garden has been laid in seven terraces,and there is a mini-zoo in the lowermost terrace.It is still one of the beautiful gardens in India. Do check Pinjore Garden for more details of fees and timings etc.

    1. Okay, thank you for your kind words Khushi