Monday, April 20, 2015

Approaching Summer


And she believes in me
I'll never know just what she sees in me

Those lines are from an old Kenny Rogers hit. This is one song I remember among others such as The Gambler and The Coward of the County, all time favorites. I know that you know them well, I know that you can hear Kenny Rogers in your mind as you read these lines. Today, this particular song has a special meaning ...


The weather is getting to be hot, but new leaves have sprouted, bright green. And that miniature rose has for the first time in more than a year, sprouted a flower 

Noticed flowers blooming on the guava tree as well, and the tiniest of baby guavas. Reminds me of my sister who could always be trusted to be found midway up the guava tree, gorging on the green guavas, throwing me some of the best samples down from her unshakeable perch on the guava tree!


Resident robins have started their nesting activity once again. 

Heart goes out to the little fellas who try building their nest in a small gap in brickwork over the verandah but since there is scarcely any support, I find a small pile of dried twigs and things falling down every now and then. So I tied up a small earthen pot with coconut fibre rope and secured the rope so as to let the pot dangle from the gaps in the roof of the verandah, just hope them little birdies catch on to it! 

And then, found the first carnation bud beginning to bloom. A rare perfection at last! 

David Lanz, performing Cristofori's dream on the piano. Another perfection that stays with you 


  1. Beautiful, blossoms and birds. I have a purple clematis that is readying its buds outside my kitchen door these days.

  2. So nice to see these brilliant signs of new life upon the landscape!
    And, thanks for your attempt to help the birds with their nest-building. I hope there's a new nest in that pot before too long!