Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The colours of Spring

One more turn of the season. One more springtime. 

One cannot but marvel at the way there is an unexpected spurt in growth of vegetation and ripening of pollen, and the resolute busibodiness of the birds in and around our place. 

The bougainvillea has burst into riotous color as if on cue from an unknown master

And the poppies, who seem to be waving in unison 

Even the hedge has sprouted into flowers, for such is the pull from the elements at spring!

The black rose has bloomed again in undecipherable, complicated folds 

And I was lucky enough to catch a yellow ladybird on a sunflower in full bloom 

Amid such splendour, I am completely at a loss of words. In the midst of such a vibrant splash of colour, one cannot be but speechless with wonder at the sheer magnificence of it all! How does all the colour come into being in such perfect combinations as that of the ladybird for example, or the verbena!

And as the moon rises over the horizon, the colours fall silent. 

Dimitry Shostakovitch's second waltz, for the indescribable lightness of being alive  ..


  1. Your photos are magnificent and capture the full splendor of spring. Sigh. How beautiful! Thanks for the visual and auditory treats!!!!! I love "the lightness of being alive." Yes.

    1. Why, thank you so very much Sherry!

  2. I agree with Sherry—magnificent photos all!
    I'm traveling in the southeastern US this week and so I've seen a few flowering plants and some birds, but nothing as magnificent as the springtime splendor in this post.

  3. Thank you Rita. Can I possibly ask you to post your travel pictures and your impressions ..

    1. Yes! I'm still on vacation but will organize some of the photos from this trip into a blog post (or two) when I return to Utah.