Thursday, January 29, 2015

Two solitudes

always stood up for me
consoled me
shook me awake
showed me dreams

always lifted me up
a sinking me
drowning me
breathed sanity in me

my solitude
open your eyes
to the image
of the earthbound sky

Michael Nyman is a famous English composer and pianist who composed the music score for the The Piano. Here is Michael Nyman himself performing a piece from the movie score :


  1. Sigh. I am heading out the door for Tofino and my feet are barely touching the floor. So glad I stopped to read this before is beautiful, especially "open your eyes to the image of the earthbound sky." I love your writing, my friend. Keep doing it!

  2. A beautiful poem, Soumyendu.
    And I always enjoy the music you select for your posts.

  3. Thank you, Sherry, Rita. This life is a journey and in course of our journeys, let us also appreciate the music that flows constantly around us.

    Thank you again for the pit stop!