Wednesday, November 26, 2014



From another time, the curve of your smile the faintest hint of fragrance rustle of your silk and your unabashed gaze the sound of your voice like the hidden brook gurgling out of the rocks and I cannot quite manage to wake up to that Kohinoor dream and now like tinkling glass or a needle that jabs at my soul and even more surprising is the fact that you paint me blue wondering if you remember the tiny blades of grass peeping out of the window sill after the rains knew when the storm broke on the sand by the rolling phosphorescent seas at night or is it just me  



Now it is empty where I stand
and look down the avenues.
Almost as far as the farthest ocean
I can see the heavy
forbidding sky.



  1. Sigh. This is a glorious spill of words, which I drank in - such beauty! Thank you, my poet-friend from far away.

  2. You are in love, ain't you