Thursday, January 12, 2012

Worli Fort views

The Worli Fort was built in the 17th century by the British East India Company, when Mumbai or Bombay as it is well known, used to be just a cluster of seven islands. It provides a vantage point over the Mahim bay, and was used as a lookout point. These days, the fort overlooks the Bandra - Worli sealink, the first of a proposed chain. Completely surrounded by slums today, it is also used as a favorite spot for Bollywood and ad shoots. 

And then, we moved on to Bandra, Mount Mary's

Down a few stairs and the superhero's abode called Mannat.Children vied for a place to be shot in proper view ... and then, to the Juhu beach

The Juhu beach is a rambunctious place, alive almost up to the early lights of daybreak with its close proximity to the movie stars' bungalows, five star hotels, gawking tourists and street vendors, photographers, magicians, pony rides etc and I am sure it has lots of interesting stories to tell! 


  1. Sigh. Such a beautiful bridge, wonderful old beautifully designed and decorated building - and then - the beach. Perfection!

  2. Thanx for posting pictures of my favourite place. Bombay is unique mixture of Old and New architure, though the new buildings lack the charisma and lustre of yesteryears builidngs and bunglows- bunglows now fading fast in mumbai. still i love mumbai most. one thing is missing in your blog- the beautiful queens' necklace.
    keep it up young man