Sunday, May 29, 2011

In Ahmedabad

The city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat is named after Ahmed Shah (ruled 1411 to 1442), who also built a wall around the city. Parts of the wall still exist 

 On to the Sabarmati Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi .. 


This is the room he used to live in, spinning yarn in the charkha.

Simple living verging on the austere, adding a moral dimension to the nationalist movement of India that has influenced millions of Indians and then, Nelson Mandela in recent times.
Upasana Mandir, the consecrated place for morning and evening prayers. The river Sabarmati in the far distance.

As the sun set, we went to the old city. Yusuf, our driver, insisted on showing us around, keeping up a running commentary. There were twelve gates in the wall around the city, he said, and at Lal Darwaza is the mosque of Sidi Sayyed, famous for the jaali or stone lattice work. The middle panel out of five was dismantled and taken away by the Brits, but the ship sank in the high seas ..
And the Aalif Masjid, around which are numerous local eateries  .. kebabs and sweetmeats ..
There is never time enough, but I do mean to visit sometime again!

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  1. I loved tagging along on this journey with you. Loved seeing the room Gandhi spent so much time beautifully simple. Wish I could be as austere but, sadly, that is not likely to happen! I enjoyed the photos, the old wall and the statue of Gandhi.