Saturday, July 31, 2010

A village shrine

This is where these villagers, in a remote location in the State of West Bengal, offer prayers to the snake goddess, and place these clay figures as a sign of their prayers offered.
A most interesting experience, I can tell you that!
And that amiable chap with the matted hair was quite pleased with my donation of a hundred rupee note :)


  1. Oh what wonderful photos. How awesome it must be to be standing right in that spot, feeling the energy of the prayers offered.....was that your walk today? I took two little boys to the water park. Little kids and water - a universally joyous experience:)

  2. Thank you for starting my morning off with two wonderful poems. I love the one from the Creation hymn, "darkness enveloped by darkness" and the one who breathes without air. That must have been Perfect Peace! And your lovely tree poem. "for it has witnessed dawn" and its offering obeisance to the breaking morn. BEAUTIFUL images. What a lovely start to the day. Hope you have a good one - thought it must be night where you are??

  3. Thanks for your two lovely poems on Hymn of Praise......I love the "tall tree....for it has witnessed Dawn" and "...obeisance to the breaking morn." Sigh. So beautiful. Lovely to start my morning with poetry:)And now you must be sleeping!